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Case Study
Guardian Service Dogs

Guardian Service Dogs is a non-profit organization based in Colorado Springs, CO. Their goal is to provide veterans with a quality Owner assisted Service Dog Training program tailored specifically towards individual training needs.

Guardian Service Dogs hired me in the summer of 2019 to rebuild and redesign their website.


Web Design

Creative Process

How the Guardian Service Dogs website came together

The Guardian Service Dogs website took 8 weeks from start to finish to complete. It began with the initial client meeting, continued with daily contact with the client and culminated in the launch of the brand new Guardian Service Dogs site.

Time Management

I spent 9 weeks, working nights and weekends, to complete the Guardian Service Dogs website. The site was completed after three intensive rounds of revisions.

User Testing

The Guardian Service Dogs website was tested across desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone screen sizes. The website is fully responsive across all screen sizes.

Website Features

The Guardian Service Dogs website is fully responsive across a variety of screen sizes. Each page features animation and interactive elements. From the home page to the contact page, everything has been thoughtfully executed.

Responsive Design

Thoughtful Execution

Visit Guardian Service Dogs new website:


Guardian Service Dogs website has been the crowning jewel of my career. From the initial client meeting to the official launch, every step of this journey has taught me something about web design I didn’t know before.

A Story of Service

When Guardian Service Dogs contacted me to rebuild their website, I jumped at the chance. I wanted an opportunity to give back to my Colorado Springs community. Guardian Service Dogs does so much for Veterans and families of Veterans in Colorado Springs. By designing their new website, I feel like I have given back to the Veteran and Military communities.


By The Numbers

I spent 9 weeks rebuilding and redesigning the Guardian Service Dogs website. Check out the stats below to get an idea of how it came to be.


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